Rethinking Religion

Rethinking Religion Finding a Place for Religion in a Modern, Tolerant, Progressive, Peaceful and Science-affirming World by Barbara O’Brien.

This book is a proposal to rethink religion so that our definitions are both more accurate and more inclusive of the variety of religious experience around the world. It also is an argument that there is a way to be religious and modern, open minded, progressive, appreciative of science, tolerant, and a peaceful global citizen of the 21st century.

We Give Ourselves A Permission Slip

People are seduced into evil because they don’t recognize evil as evil. They mistake it for justice, or righteousness, or even God’s Will. And the seduction begins with the thought that “I’m a good person,” and “his hatred of me is evil, but my hatred of him is justified.” As soon as we identify ourselves as “good” and the Other, whoever they are, as “evil,” we’ve well on the way to giving ourselves a cosmic permission slip to do whatever we want to be rid of them.



For the record —spiritual is from the Latin spiritus, which refers to breath and life. Early Christians were the first to use spiritus to mean “soul.” The use of spirit to refer to ghosts or other supernatural beings began in the 14th century.