God’s Goal

God’s goal, it seems to me, is the same as in creation. It is the making of persons, not the making of a uniform mob, which means there is clear diversity and a kind of open-endedness in all of nature. In other words, heaven is precisely not uniformity.

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Living In The Hope Of The Resurrection

“Faith in the resurrection is the ground on which Christians hope for a different future, a transition to a society less destructive, more peaceful and more whole. Living in this hope grounds the Christian ethic of resistance and calls ekklesia to live as a ‘contrast community’ to society.” – Timothy Gorringe and Rosie Beckham

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Reality Is Both/And

As long as you can deal with life as a set of universal abstractions, you can pretend that the binary system is true. But once you deal with concrete reality—with yourself, with someone you love, with actual moments—you find that reality is always a mixture of good and bad, dark and light, life and death. Reality requires more a both/ and approach than either/ or differentiation.

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