From Wild Man To Wise Man

From wild man to wise man: reflections on male spirituality by Richard Rohr.

The book, From Wild Man to Wise Man: Reflections on Male Spirituality, was revised in 2005. For this new work, Richard shortened almost every chapter, changed some chapters significantly and dropped seven chapters from the previous edition. He added three chapters that discuss John the Baptist, Paul and grief. The former afterword has become a very different chapter two, “Is There Such a Thing as Masculine Spirituality?


The chaos and pluralism of our times will probably continue to push many men toward taking refuge behind false boundaries, such as patriarchy, nationalism, racism, fundamentalism and sexism, instead of remaining on the labyrinthine journey called faith.


What Are The Big Things?

What are the big things? I would list love, freedom, evil, God, eternity, nonviolence, forgiveness, grace and mercy. These the dualistic mind cannot comprehend, and in fact, it usually gets them utterly wrong because they each have a paradoxical character that demands some degree of non-dual thinking.