Discussion About The Authority Question

Are there any questions or comments about Part 2, Chapters 7 thru 9 of McLaren’s book?

3 thoughts on “Discussion About The Authority Question

  1. I found it very interesting how the Bible was used to support slavery. I always knew that it had been used in that way back in the days when Americans still owned slaves but I had never read the details about it. I am more familiar with the way the Bible has been and still is being used and misinterpreted to denigrate homosexuals and same-sex rights and marriage issues since that is a contemporary issue we are dealing with now. I find it very sad that so many people can use the Bible wrongly in these ways.

  2. For me, this is the money quote from chapter 7, and I think relates some what to your comment Amy.

    “One other feature of our current use of the Bible deserves to be mentioned — and questioned. Whom does our current approach favor or empower?”

  3. For me, the greatest comment was about reading the Bible as a library book vs. a constitution. When we read a library book, we put ourselves into it…all the experiences we have gone through…our present realities. We try to learn from this understanding and deepen our attempts to be “better” humans– even if it isn’t a road map. This is what Jesus did when he veered away from the law to heal the sick, ask people to turn the other cheek, etc.

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