Carrots And Sticks

During our discussion this past week about “the Jesus question” in Brian McLaren’s book, we talked about whether Christianity is just all about getting to heaven. I like the comment about how this reflects on Christian maturity, and I think many of us want to accept the simplicity of a “carrots and sticks” approach. But frankly, if it is really just about carrots and sticks, it’s not very effective. I thought I would mix the discussion up a bit more by bringing in a point of view about motivation, and in particular the science of motivation. The subject is motivation within a corporate setting, but I think the message is applicable to life, both with and without God. If the words don’t reach you, perhaps the science will.

The material presented above by Daniel Pink is explored in greater depth by him his book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. You can also watch another video that presents this information in a slightly different way.

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